Introducing the 21st Century Marketing System

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Developed specifically to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get to grips with the very real demands of modern marketing, the 21st Century Marketing System is a dynamic, holistic – and above all – a practical solution to help you take advantage of everything the internet has to offer.

Its primary purpose is to give you a “helicopter view” and a solid grounding in all the things that actually matters in the micro-business marketing context. The System caters for every part of your entrepreneurial journey as you build an efficient and profitable business and everything has been designed to help you generate that all important positive word of mouth.

There are Five Parts to the jigsaw puzzle, let’s take a closer look…

The Opportunity

As entrepreneurs, we start by spotting an opportunity. Every opportunity needs careful evaluation to determine if we can actually turn them into reality. If so, what will it take? How will we go about it? What help will we need?

“Opportunity evaluation” is the first part of the 21st Century Marketing System and, amongst other things, it helps us identify the risks and rewards associated with any opportunity, as well as how we might tackle the challenges they inevitably present. If things look good, we can quickly and easily create a coherent plan of action to help turn our opportunities into reality.

The Plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Planning is an important factor in the success of your business. In the second part of the 21st Century Marketing System we break things down into bite size chunks and create a plan of action to help you achieve your goals.

The purpose of the planning process is to help you build your 21st Century Marketing Blueprint, and we guide you through each step you need to take to develop your marketing skills. This means that when you start doing your marketing “for real” you’ll know exactly WHAT you need to do and, more importantly, WHY you’re doing it.

The Promise

Marketing is all about communicating what it is you have to offer – your value proposition – to your target audience and guide them towards your desired outcome. Through your marketing you are effectively making a promise to your prospects and customers.

You need to communicate what your business has to offer and how it will solve a particular problem or fulfill your customers or prospects wants or needs. This is a large part of the 21st Century Marketing System and it’s purpose is to help you get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time using the right tools.

The Operations

No matter what you want to achieve there will always be constraints that determine your operational capability. To successfully build your business you need to manage all the resources at your disposal efficiently as you pursue your business goals and objectives.

What you actually do – the operational side of your business – determines how your business is perceived by your customers. Operations is about aligning your resources to deliver on the promises you make. Your target audience will judge you on how well you perform and deliver on the promises you make.

The Results

‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’ and it’s no different in your business! The only way to find out whether what you’re doing is actually working, is to measure and review your results on a regular basis. Knowing what to measure and why and when you should measure specific key performance indicators, are all essential activities in managing your business.

The three key performance indicators you should take particular note of are explained in detail, so you will know exactly where to start. These three numbers will tell you instantly if your marketing is working, or whether you’re wasting your money.

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