Not Enough Sales?

Then You Could Have A Fundamental Flaw In Your Marketing!

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Successful marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time using the right tools.

BUT! It only takes one of those to be out of line, and your whole marketing effort could be WAY off target!

The Marketing Audit focuses on these four critical components to determine whether your business and marketing strategy and tactics are aligned with what your prospects and customers expect – and actually want and are willing to pay for. 

It is a fast way to determine what needs to change in your marketing activities and identify where you can make the biggest impact – quickly!

Step 1

We need to start by gaining an understanding of what you are trying to achieve in your business. The best place to start is with a short discovery call - which takes about 15-20 minutes.  

Please note: You will be asked to pay your Marketing Audit fee when you book your appointment, so please have your debit or credit card handy so you can complete your booking.

Step 2

We'll then put on our professional marketer's hat and examine your marketing activities and marketing assets from your potential customer’s perspective. That way, we gain a great insight into how it feels to be the recipient of your marketing messages.

We often find there is a significant gap between what you are saying, and what the recipient of your marketing messages actually hears – and needs to hear.

This is one typical key reason why your marketing is not working for you! 

Step 3

After we've conducted a full high level marketing audit, we'll prepare a report to share our findings and tell you exactly what we think the problems are and, most importantly, what you should do about them.  We'll also include a summary checklist of the most important activities we recommend you do to start turning things around quickly.

The final step is to book your Marketing Audit Implementation Call where we'll spend 15 minutes or so going through the report with you so you know exactly what to do - and in which order!

Quite often a professional outside view of your business can provide interesting and informative insights you may never have seen yourself!  The reality is that as business owners, we're too close to the day to day activities of our business to always see things objectively.  A fresh pair of eyes can provide unique insights which can save you time and money - and a whole bunch of frustration when you're struggling to see the 'wood for the trees'.

In Summary:

The Marketing Audit is designed to give you a quick ‘heads up’ of how effective your marketing is right now, and what you need to do to make it work for YOU!

With audit fees starting at just £247 it's a fast and cost effective way to start ramping up the return on your marketing investment with minimal risk.