About The 21st Century Marketing Academy

Who Are We?

The 21st Century Marketing Academy is a specialist marketing training provider dedicated to improving the marketing performance – and hence business performance - of entrepreneurs, start-up micro-business owners, and established small business owners.

Using our proprietary 21st Century Marketing System we show you how to put all your marketing activities at the very heart of your business to consistently get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time using the right tools.

This helps you build a strong brand because it’s reflected in everything you do. It also helps you attract and keep the right type of customers who share your values, like to work with you, and have common goals and expectations.  This results in increased sales without constantly spending a fortune on marketing because it naturally generates positive word of mouth for your business.

What Do We Do?

If you want to put us in a pigeon hole, or give us a label, then we are first and foremost a training company. We teach the 21st Century Marketing System either via the online academy or offline training centre – but with a difference!

Our students tell us that their time is precious and keeping traveling time – and hence cost – to a minimum is important to them. With this in mind we have created the ‘21st Century Marketing Roadshow’ - so rather than having our own dedicated training centre in an ivory tower, we prefer to come to you. We offer a range of training programmes which can be delivered both online or offline.

The online courses can be either self-study or instructor led using our virtual classroom technology (so you get the best of both worlds - all you need is your laptop, table, or smartphone - and an internet connection.)  The offline courses are usually delivered over 1 - 2 days at a location near you and consist of seminars and workshops.

Everything we teach is based on the book "21st Century Marketing: What it is, Why it matters, and How to do it" which explain the system in great detail.

It's also your comprehensive step-by-step guide to implementing the system in your business and is full of examples to show you exactly what to do.

Why Do We Do It?

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed - it gives us a real buzz!  From our point of view we get to teach and work with some amazing people.

All our material is thoroughly researched and tested. We have plenty of examples from the real world of small business - which means our students benefit from both up-to-date knowledge and a wealth of real life experience.

Our mission is to help as many small business owners as we can build a solid foundation in modern marketing.  By providing our material both via the online academy and at live face-to-face events we are able to deliver meaningful and affordable training and help small business owners wherever they happen to be.

Quite frankly we love what we do and wouldn't have it any other way!

Who Do We Serve?

There are three stages to digital marketing success. Each stage has three further steps with each one taking you closer towards building a digitally dominant, highly efficient and profitable business. The 21st Century Marketing System has been specifically designed to support your entire entrepreneurial journey from beginning to end. It shows you how to take a strategic, yet pragmatic and practical approach to everything you need to do to achieve your goals – step by step.

Budding Entrepreneurs

Every business starts with a dream. Budding Entrepreneurs dream of starting their own business, and typically fall into these three categories.

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Start-Up Micro-Business Owners

You are in the early stages and your business is less than 2 years old. Your primary focus is in attracting more customers and increasing your sales. 

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Established Small Business Owners

Established Small Businesses Owners who have survived the first two years. They  have an established customer base and are ready to progress to the next level. 

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What Do We Offer?

We offer a range of online and offline training opportunities designed specifically to help entrepreneurs and small business owners master everything they need to know to take advantage of everything the modern marketing landscape has to offer.

Some of our programmes are 'Do It Yourself' while others are 'Do It With You'. We also offer different delivery methods so you can select the right training programme for you.

The Business & Marketing Boot Camp Programme

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The Master Class Programme & Deep Dive Courses

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The Business Accelerator Mentoring Programme

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Meet The Founder

Chris Kent MSc (Dist) CMgr FCMI MCIM Chartered Marketer
Founder & Owner
Entrepreneur turned part-time academic, Chris Kent is a leading authority on micro-business marketing.

He is the creator of the 21st Century Marketing System and the SRS Method designed specifically to help entrepreneurs and small business owners implement the system in their business. He is also the author of “21st Century Marketing: What it is, why it matters and how to do it” and and founder of The 21st Century Marketing Academy.

Chris attributes the failure of his first business in the late 80’s on his lack of marketing skills and was determined to put that right. He has been studying and practicing marketing for over 25 years and was awarded his Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing Communications in 2015 following his extensive research into the impact the global digital marketing skills gap has on micro-businesses.

Based on his own research and decades of personal experience, he created the 21st Century Marketing System – a dynamic, simple and holistic approach to modern marketing – to use in his own business and help fellow entrepreneurs and micro-business owners increase sales, build a brand, and generate that all important word-of-mouth.

Chris is in the process of writing his second book “How to Write Words That Engage, Inspire and Sell”, as well as developing and delivering courses for the 21st Century Marketing Academy, and working on his part-time PhD.

You can find out more about Chris at www.chriskent.com

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