Business Accelerator Programme

The Business Accelerator Programme is an intense 90-day programme where you work with your mentor to implement the 21st Century Marketing System in your business and get tangible results quickly.

Most small business owners also play the role the Marketing Manager for their business yet they do not have the skills to do the job properly. A key objective of the Mentoring Programme is to address precisely that problem. Working with your mentor allows you to acquire both a good appreciation of what modern marketing is all about AND focus on the areas that are most applicable to your business.

It is quite simply the fastest way to develop the skills you need to build your digital and marketing footprint, and design and implement a solid strategy that will support your business as it grows.  No more expensive mistakes from trial and error! 

This programme really empowers you to make the right decisions for your business from a position of knowledge - not hope!  And, of course, you'll have your mentor to guide you every step of the way.

Every month we'll meet for an intense 90 minute online training session where we'll also set tasks and goals for the month. You'll be expected to complete your tasks before the next month's training session, but you'll also have the chance to work through your tasks with your mentor during the mid-month review meeting (approx 45 minutes). Here's where you can ask questions and discuss any area of the programme to make sure you hit your targets. In the intervening weeks your mentor will arrange a short Accountability Call (10-15 minutes) to check you are on track and make sure you are making good progress.

The programme covers three months and the monthly plan looks like this:

  • Week 1: 90 Minute Teaching & Goal Setting Session
  • Week 2: 10-15 Minute Accountability Call
  • Week 3: 45 Minute Mid-Month Implementation Review Meeting
  • Week 4: 10-15 Minute Accountability Call & Monthly Review
  • Your Homework and Self-Study Time will be approximately 1.5 - 2 hours per week (minimum)

The teaching element of the first half of the programme focuses on the strategic elements of The 21st Century Marketing System and we address the key areas where most small business owners struggle including:

  • Clearly defining your target market and creating 'personas' so you know precisely who you're talking to
  • Critically examining your own skills and the resources available to you to identify strengths and weaknesses in what you have to offer. This is a crucial step to success because it focuses on the 'Promise Delivery' aspect of the system and is an area that often gets overlooked.
  • How to build an irresistible value proposition that plays to your strengths and minimises your weaknesses that your prospects will love
  • How to segment your target audience so you can identify and select your most profitable customers from day 1.
  • How to define your 21st Century Marketing plan - this step goes way beyond what most business plans articulate and your 21st Century Marketing Plan will be your constant guide to help you keep in track 
  • How to develop a message that's meaningful to your target audience and one that they will respond to
  • How to define the most important key performance indicators to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business - and how to use them to set realistic targets to drive your business forward.

Having defined your strategy we then move on to the tactics...

Here's where we pick up the pace and actually implement your tailored strategy in your business.  During the second half of the programme your mentor will guide you in developing the tactical elements so you can really start to benefit from putting your ideas into action.

A word of warning - as the Business Accelerator Programme is a 'Done With You' programme your mentor's role is to guide you in 'doing the doing!'  You'll be expected to take the lead in setting some ambitious goals for yourself, and your mentor's role is to teach and guide you and keep you on track.

We firmly believe in the saying "Give a man a fish and you give him a meal, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life."  Your mentor will "teach you how to fish".  Your personal investment into the programme should not be underestimated because at the end of the day, we are both focusing on your success! You can expect to invest at least double the time working on your own as you do with your mentor.  You should allocate 6-8 hours a month - which equates to about two hours a week, but like everything in life, the more you put in the more you'll get out!

Here's a sample of the things you'll be doing:

  • Developing your core message because this sits at the heart of everything you do
  • Writing your marketing material for both online and offline marketing assets
  • Presenting your message in person and refining your 'elevator pitch'
  • Practicing your introductory message in the field - Yes! with real prospects at live networking events
  • Designing your marketing and sales process so it naturally flows to your desired outcome
  • Designing your search engine friendly website (on paper) so you can either redevelop it yourself or hand it over to a website developer to do it for you
  • Planing your launch campaign in detail and making sure you have everything in place to hit the ground running.

And let's not forget the final piece...

We really want you to get the most out of the programme and we cover a lot of material. We also realise that it will take time for you to assimilate everything you'll learn and apply it to your business context.  Therefore, one month after completing the programme you'll be offered a 1:1 Programme Review Meeting (approx. 30 minutes) with your mentor where you'll have the opportunity to go over anything we've covered in the programme and how you are implementing The 21st Century Marketing System in your business.

This is your opportunity to ask questions, revisit any specific areas that you're unsure of, or even develop new ideas with your mentor to drive your business forward.

Make no mistake - there's a lot of work to do to get the basics right, and that's what we focus on as we implement the 21st Century Marketing System in your business.

But keep this in mind - this is something you do once so it's worth the effort to get it right first time.  This is the  primary outcome of the Business Accelerator Programme because it will help you consistently deliver a clear message to your ideal target audience at the right time using the right tools. And that the fastest way to business success!

If you think that working with one of our dedicated mentors will help you really take your business to the next level, then the first step is to book a call with one of our mentors.

If you think working with one of our mentors will help you take your business to the next level, then your next step is to...

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